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For worldwide shipping except to Americas.
Please visit for shipping to USA, Canada and Mexico only. For the rest of Americas, please send inquiries to


Our new PRO series of USB-RS422/485 adapters from Connective Peripherals are an exciting addition to our range of USB to Serial adapters.

We designed the PRO series from the ground up to address many of the common challenges in setting up and using USB-RS422/485 adapters.


  • Time consuming - Opening the case to set jumpers and switches
  • Complex – Working out which jumpers and switches to set
  • Issues – Incorrect or unreliable operation of your system caused by incorrect configuration
  • Hassle - Opening the case again to check the settings at a later time


Our new PRO series brings the following benefits

  • Time Saving – Press the config button, and use our software utility to configure the unit with no opening of the case or setting of switches or jumpers
  • Simplicity – The user-friendly utility allows all options including RS422/RS485 mode, termination and biasing, to be set using user friendly controls
  • Reliability – With the correct settings you can ensure that your system works correctly and reliably
  • Convenience – Check the current settings anytime using the 10 status LEDs on the unit without ever opening the case

New Features:

We have added several key features to the new PRO series to make them easy to use and quick to install.


1.  Configure via software via USB


No more opening the case to set jumpers or working out which way to set the DIP switches. All settings are configured by pressing the CONFIG button on the unit to set configuration mode and then using a simple and user-friendly application on Windows or Linux to select your operating mode and options. The utility can also read the settings allowing you to confirm what is currently set.
2.  Comprehensive LED Indicators - Check the configuration at a glance Since you won’t be opening the case to set up the unit, you won’t want to open it to check the settings either. So, in the PRO series, we have added a much more comprehensive set of LED indicators (10 in total!) allowing all of the settings to be viewed at a glance as soon as the unit is powered up. The LEDs indicate the usual Power, Tx and Rx status available on most units. But on the PRO series you can also check the RS422/485 mode, RS485 Echo on/off, Termination on/off, Slew Rate on/off and Biasing (Extra Fail-Safe) on/off, and as well as an indicator showing that the isolated power (on -ISO units) and 5V auxiliary output is on and functioning.


3.  Isolated and Non-Isolated versions with the same features and enclosure

The PRO series also feature Isolated and Non-Isolated versions with the same features, pinout and form factor, making them easily interchangeable. The isolated version provides a protective optical barrier between the USB and RS422/RS485 interfaces. This helps avoid issues such as ground loops when connecting devices with different power supply ground potentials and helps avoid damage to the computer from noise and spikes on the bus.


 4.  USB Type C connector connect to modern computers without adapters

The PRO series converters feature a USB Type-C connector for the link to the host computer. This allows an easy and direct connection to even the latest computers which have only Type C USB ports, without needing extra adapters.

  • Use a USB Type- A to Type-C cable if your computer has a Type-A USB connection.
  • Or use a USB Type-C to Type-C cable if your computer has a Type- C connection.

 A USB Type-A to Type-C is included.

 The USB connection also powers the unit, avoiding the need for external power adapters.



5.  2 x RJ45 Connectors for RS485 Easily connect to RS485 networks 

Two RJ45 connectors allow simple and convenient connections for your RS485 devices.

You can use standard CAT5 and CAT6 patch cables and the two ports allow daisy chaining of multiple RS485 devices.

RJ45 connectors are an easy way to connect devices to the PRO series without needing to attach individual wires to the terminal block etc. saving time and helping prevent incorrect connection of the signal wires.


Standard Features:

The PRO series retains the other features which make our Connective Peripherals converters the smart choice for your USB-Serial conversion such as:

  • Renowned Hi-Speed FTDI USB Chipset and Drivers
  • Virtual COM Port Drivers for Windows, Linux, macOS and more…
  • Selectable to RS422 or RS485 modes
  • DB9 Male and Terminal Block connections
  • Robust metal enclosure with various mounting options
  • Powered over USB, with no external power adapter needed
  • Additional 5V Power Output for external devices
  • UKCA, FCC and CE compliance


  • Connect RS485 and RS422 devices to a USB port on your PC
  • Connect legacy RS422 and RS485 devices to new PCs which do not have expansion card slots for RS422/485 etc.
  • Long distance data communication
  • PLC programming and communication
  • Manufacturing/production line control
  • HVAC
  • Surveillance and security systems and access control
  • Sensor networks in Industrial, Agricultural and Smart Buildings
  • Scientific / laboratory
  • Industrial printers label printers
  • Entertainment and Broadcast automation
  • Motor control and stepper motor control
  • Diagnostic and firmware update
  • Isolated version is ideal for applications experiencing ground potential differences or noise and spikes
    • Industrial control networks where the controlling computer and serial device may have differences in ground potential
    • Environmental monitoring and sensor data logging where long cables are run outdoors

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